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Digital Sparks // Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Digital Sparks  // Wednesday, 8 April 2015
The food safety edition

1. How one woman has mobilized a Facebook army against food additives.
Atlantic Profile of Vani Hari (aka Food Babe), who, in three years, has amassed incredible influence by trafficking in food hysteria.

2. The video that catapulted her to stardom.
In 2013, Vani Hari set her sights on an ingredient in Subway bread. The company eventually reformulated the bread; the ingredient can still be found in other fast food restaurant offerings.

3. Understanding Food Babe.
Good science communication resists the sparkly lure of a click-bait headline or a sensational take on basic science.”

4. The Science of Fear: How the Culture of Fear Manipulates Your Brain.
Most of us are lousy at assessing risk. This book by journalist Daniel Gardner , can help us prioritize life’s dangers. And act like a vaccine, to protect you from political and corporate manipulation.

Paracelsus on poison

:: Credits: 1. The Atlantic   2. YouTube   3. Well Fed, Flat Broke   4. Amazon   Photo: moi

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