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Digital Sparks // Friday, 3 April 2015

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2. How My Employer Put the “FML” in FMLA
Right then and there, on my kitchen floor, I understood with absolute clarity why women quit their jobs after having kids. I will never, ever question it again.

3. Black girls’ sexual burden: Why Mo’ne Davis was really called a “slut”
[J]ust think about what you’re doing before you actually do it.”

4. Joni Mitchell is not a “60s folksinger”
It took a second for me to register what my Facebook/actual friend had noticed — news outlets using shorthand to encapsulate someone who spent a life defying exactly that.

maggie thatcher

:: Credits: 1. HuffingtonPost  2. The-Toast  3. Salon  4. Medium  Photo: Moi

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